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GUS For TOE Ultrasound Probes - 3 Tubes

Code: G14TC3


A compact, wall mounted, ductless system.  High-level disinfect the easy way

  • Soak 2 to 3 TOE probes
  • Overall dimensions: 360mmW x 406mmD x 1300mmH
  • Three curved soak tubes allow low mounting height for easy probe insertion and removal.
  • The flexible shaft and sensitive transducer head of your TOE probe is fully suspended in solution to protect from imact damage.
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        Protect your people

  • Eliminates fumes from gluteraldehyde and OPA
  • A powerful, quiet extraction fan draws fumes away from the operator, through a patented filter where they are absorbed and neutralised.  Clean air is recirculated.
  • Meets Worksafe Australia requirements of 0.1 parts per million maximum personal exposure level.


        Save disinfectant and create less initial fume

  • Curved soak tubes only need 1 litre of disinfectant, compared to at least 5 litres in a tray or bowl.
  • The exposed surface area of disinfectant in a GUS tube (this represents fume generating potential) is 120 times smaller than in a round CIDEX bowl!
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