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Bovie Smoke Shark III Evacuator

Bovie Smoke Shark III Evacuator

Reduces biological, physical, and chemical hazards present in electrosurgical smoke plume. Uniquely designed for the physician’s office with compact size for wall mounting. Specifically intended for shorter procedures (15 minute or less). 4-Stage ULPA filtration 99.999% efficient in trapping 0.1-0.2 micron particulates and micro-organisms. Includes SharkSkin adapter (SS95) for out-of-the-box usability.

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  • Unit
  • Operator Manual
  • Power Cord
  • 6-hour Filter
  • 1 Smart Shark Remote Activator (SERS2)
  • 1 SharkSkin Pencil Adapter (SS95)
  • Wall Mounting Kit


  • Lightweight & compact for simplified operation, storage & portability.
  • Can be wall mounted
  • Easy to operate, soft touch controls
  • Specifically intended for shorter procedures (15 minute or less)
  • Minimal noise level with efficient filtration
  • Includes 6 hour filter with remaining filter life indicators
  • Tubing to be purchased separately


Width 178mm
Depth 91mm
Height 254mm
Weight 3.2 kg
Line Voltage 220-240 VAC
Warranty 2 years


SharkSkin Smoke Evacuation Pencil Adaptor

Transform an electrosurgical pencil into a device that captures smoke at the surgical site with this adaptor. Eliminating the need for a smoke evacuation tube to be held, this is compatible with most electrosurgical pencils and can be quickly and easily attached. This ships as a box of 20 individually sterile units.


Non-sterile 1.8 x 22mm tubing. These come shipped in a box of 24.

6 Hour Filter for Smoke Shark III Evacuator

This 6 hour, 4 stage filter is for use with the Bovie Smoke Shark III Evacuator (model SE03-220). 1 filter per box.

Remote EZ Linke Remote Activator Switch

Suitable for Smoke Shark Evacuator models SE02-220 and SE03-220, this remote activator switch is intended to extend filter life. Sold 1 per box.


Holds tubing from the Smoke Shark Generator in desired position.

Laser Resistant Wand

Non-sterile laser resistant wands 7/8″ x 8″. These come shipped in a box of 3.

Reducer Fitting

Sterile packed in a box of 10, these reducer fittings for gynae speculums are a 22mm to 1/4″ tube.