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2019 Broselow™ Paediatric Emergency Tape

2019 Broselow™ Paediatric Emergency Tape

The Broselow™ Tape is recognised in most Hospitals as a standard for the emergency treatment of children.

The tape is calibrated for paediatric patients between 46cm and 146.5cm in length, which corresponds to a weight range of 3kg to 34kg. The tape is divided into nine colour zones with precalculated drug doses, fluid volumes, and equipment sizes for each zone.

The Quattro Paediatric Cart has colour coded drawers that match each colour zone.

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  • Pre-calculated doses in milligrams, as well as all doses in pre-calculated ml, making the entire process error free by removing the need for any calculations.
  • Infusion rates
  • CPR standards – the size of the equipment & the level of shock voltage when using a defibrillator
  • Designed for children up to approximately 12 years of age with a maximum weight of approximately 34kg



    – Measure the child with the Broselow® Tape. This gives you an accurate weight estimate, equipment sizes, and drug dosages.


    – Go to the Coloured Paediatric cart drawer for exactly the right equipment for IV, intubation, O2 delivery, or intraosseous access. There’s no guessing.


For Patients (Length) 46cm to 146.5cm
For Patients (Weight) 3kg to 34kg
For Patients (Age) Newborn to 12 years
Folded Length 9cm x 15cm
Opened Lengthr 9cm x 152cm