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Brymill Cry-Ac 0.5 Litre

Model: B-700 Categories ,

Brymill Cry-Ac 0.5 Litre

Model: B-700 Categories ,

Made in the USA and the number 1 choice of dermatologists worldwide the Brymill cryosurgery device is unsurpassed for safety versatility and precise control. This larger unit features a greater liquid nitrogen capacity and longer holding time.

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  • 80 to 100 Freezes at an average of 10 seconds each
  • Ergonomic design. New contoured finger trigger for maximum control & comfort
  • Suits left or right hand users
  • Superior valve system operated for longer without clogging up with contaminants
  • Patented safety auto-vent enhances safety by gradually venting internal pressure as the cap is unscrewed
  • Streamlined relief valve maintains constant operating pressure for consistent, accurate freezing
  • Durable stainless steel & solid brass construction
  • Delrin collar to insulate user’s hand
  • Delrin anti-topple base for extra stability
  • 2 Year warranty


  • Cry-Ac spray unit
  • Four spray apertures with varying aperture sizes (1 x A, 1 x B, 1 x C, 1 x D)
  • 28mm Straight spray needle 20 gauge
  • 78mm Curved spray extension 20 gauge
  • Tip holder
  • Instruction & technique booklet


Capacity: 500ml
Height: 286mm
Weight: 895g
Empty: 540g
Static Holding Time: 4 – 6 hours


Brymill Straight Spray Extension - Long

Used to reach condylomata in the perianal rectal or vaginal areas.

Brymill Bent Spray Extension - Short

Bent sprays can be rotated 360 for greater precision when treating hard to reach lesions.

Brymill Cryoplate

The Cryoplate limits the spread of the nitrogen freeze zone & protects sensitive areas such as the eyes


Durable insulated bag with long handle/shoulder strap for convenient hands-free carrying of Brymill CRY-AC 0.5L or Brymill CRY-AC0.3L unit.

Luer-Lock Adaptor

Easily attach disposable needles to a Cry-Ac® cryosurgical unit using the luer lock adapter. Physicians trust this adapter to deliver more positive patient results when applying liquid nitrogen in targeted areas.