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Chemical Spill Kit

If someone drops a 5 litre bottle of CIDEX OPA how will you deal with it?

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  • Ccontains everything you need to contain & clean a Glutaraldehyde/OPA spill
  • Gluteraledehyde powder treats up to 4L of 1% solution
  • Absorbent polymer powder can the solidify up to 5L of spill
  • Converts liquid hazard into easily managed solidified gel in under 5 minutes
  • Supplied in sealed white plastic pail with handle for easy transport and disposal


  • Glutaraldehyde neutralising powder
  • Fluid solidifying polymer
  • MAX60 absorbent sheets
  • 1 Face mask & eye shield
  • Protective disposable apron
  • 1 Pair of disposable Nitrile gloves
  • Scoop & scraper
  • 2 Clinical waste bags
  • 1 Pair of overshoes
  • 1 Hairnet
  • Caution Spill sign
  • Instruction sheet


Absorbing Capacity: 5 Litres
Container Volume: 15 Litre Pail
Container Size: 230mmW x 222mmD x 306mmH