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Clever Logger Kit

Model: CLKIT-01 Category Tag

Clever Logger Kit

Model: CLKIT-01 Category Tag

If you’re sick of worrying about vaccine fridge logs, this kit is the solution you’ve been looking for. CleverLogger is easy to set up and use. The kit contains everything you need to monitor a fridge or freezer!

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The kit contains 2 parts – everything you need to monitor a fridge or freezer!

1. CleverLogger CLT-01 Logger
Sits or hangs inside your fridge or freezer and records temperatures. Every few minutes, it automatically transmits the temperatures to the Gateway. Never manually download temperatures again! No need to take out of the fridge or connect to a computer to get results. If the power goes out or internet connection is lost, the logger will store data (for weeks if necessary) and transmit it to the gateway when it comes back online

2. CleverLogger CLG-01 Gateway
Sits outside the fridge and is connected to the internet with either an ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. It receives the temperatures from the logger and saves them on the internet. The Gateway is supplied complete with a power supply and ethernet cable.


  • Automatically records temperatures every 5 minutes
  • Instant alerts to your phone/email if there is a cold chain breach
  • Reports are automatically created and emailed to you
  • Reports available as PDF, Excel or CSV files
  • View data as graphs or data tables
  • Can view live temperature recordings from anywhere in the world
  • All data is securely saved to the cloud
  • Replaceable battery
  • No ongoing fees


Width: 90mm
Height: 70mm
Depth: 25mm

Data Logger

Width: 48mm
Height: 65mm
Depth: 10mm