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Coloured Disposable Loops

Coloured Disposable Loops

Coloured disposable loops designed to fit all common diathermy pencils. Each loop is uniquely coloured for easy identification of shape and size. This time-saving feature helps surgeons and staff quickly and reliably identify the required loop. Protectively packaged, these are shipped in boxes of 10.

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  • Ultra-fine rigid tungsten wire for minimum eschar buildup
  • Standard shaft designed to fit all common diathermy pencils
  • Coloured for easy identification of shape & size
  • Packed in protective packaging
  • Box of 10
Code Size Shape Colour
PMS 1742 10mm x 10mm Loop Yellow
PMS 1746 15mm x 8mm Loop Grey
PMS 1747 15mm x 12mm Loop Green
PMS 1743 15mm x 15mm Loop Orange
PMS 1748 20mm x 10mm Loop Red
PMS 1751 20mm x 12mm Loop White
PMS 1745 20mm x 15mm Loop Blue
PMS 1744 20mm x 20mm Loop Pink