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Electric SeatLine Stretcher

Electric SeatLine Stretcher

Light and stable this multifunction stretcher has all the components required for emergency procedures inpatient observation and transporting patients.

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  • Made in Europe
  • 3 Section stretcher
  • All electric operation, power height, backrest, legrest
  • Trendelenburg & reverse trendelenburg tilt
  • Backlit hand control
  • Fast release backrest lever (CPR)
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Directional push handle
  • Side rails with unlock control
  • Large retractable wheels with centralised braking system – Includes IV pole
  • Basement cover with integrated holders for oxygen cylinders
  • 100% Radio-transparent HPL top allows x-rays the whole length of the patient’s body – X-ray cassette
  • Antistatic memory foam mattress
  • Lateral bumpers at each corner


Overall Dimensions: 2150mmL x 800mmW
Mattress Dimensions: 2000mmL x 600mmW
Backrest Dimensions: 650mmL x 705mmW
Height Adjustment: 630mm – 930mm
Radiotransparent Surface: 470mm x 750mm
Radiolucent Legrest Surface: 470mm x 500mm
Trendelenburg Tilt: 12°
Reverse Trendelenburg -12°
Backrest Incline: 70°
Legrest Incline: 40°
Wheel Diameter: 150mm
Safe Working Load: 180kg