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Glutaraldehyde & OPA Powder Neutraliser

Glutaraldehyde & OPA Powder Neutraliser

Protect your staff when disposing of waste disinfectants.

Carrying a canister of used disinfectant to the drain for disposal is the most frequent cause of serious spills & splashes.

Pouring used disinfectantdown the sink agitates the chemical, which means the aerosols are far higher than during probe soaking.

Untreated disinfectant can damage the sewer system.

This Neutraliser eliminates all these problems quickly & easily by deactivating disinfectant before you take the canister out of your GUS Station. One bottle of neutraliser will deactivate one GUS canister of disinfectant.

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  • Easy to use
  • Eliminate toxic vapors created during disposal of waste solution
  • Will not stain soaking containers, sinks, etc. Prevents black staining.
  • Neutralization is complete within 5 minutes & solution is ready for safe disposal
  • Safe for use in automatic scope washers


  • 24 x 1oz bottles