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$5850 GUS For TOE Ultrasound Probes - 3 Tubes

$5850 GUS For TOE Ultrasound Probes - 3 Tubes

SPECIAL PRICE $5850 excluding GST & freight A compact wall mounted ductless system. High-level disinfect the easy way.

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  • Soak 2 to 3 TOE probes
  • 3 Curved soak tubes allow low mounting height for easy probe insertion & removal.
  • The flexible shaft & sensitive transducer head of your TOE probe is fully suspended in solution to protect from imact damage.


Overall Width: 360mm
Overall Depth: 406mm
Overall Height: 1300mm
Curved Tube Size: 38mm Dia. x 1626mmL


Filter for G14 GUS Station

Independent lab tests have demonstrated that this patented filter neutralizes aldehyde fumes and complies with Worksafe Australia standards. Fits the G14 GUD Station and should be replaced every 6 month

Glutaraldehyde & OPA Powder Neutraliser

Protect your staff when disposing of waste disinfectants.

Carrying a canister of used disinfectant to the drain for disposal is the most frequent cause of serious spills & splashes.

Pouring used disinfectantdown the sink agitates the chemical, which means the aerosols are far higher than during probe soaking.

Untreated disinfectant can damage the sewer system.

This Neutraliser eliminates all these problems quickly & easily by deactivating disinfectant before you take the canister out of your GUS Station. One bottle of neutraliser will deactivate one GUS canister of disinfectant.

Chemical Spill Kit

If someone drops a 5 litre bottle of CIDEX OPA how will you deal with it?

Digital Thermometer

Easily toggle between °C & °F with this digital thermometer. Featuring a waterproof polycarbonate case and stirring-purposed probe cover. It incorporates a maximum/minium reading memory, a one second display reading update and a data hold function.

Digital Timer

Digital timer with a large easy-to-read display. Programmable settings for counting down/up and get alerted by the loud buzzer. Features a handy pocket clip, foldaway stand and magnetic attachment.