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Instrument Dryer - 80 Litre

Model: ID80F Category Tag

Instrument Dryer - 80 Litre

Model: ID80F Category Tag

This fan forced dryer features a unique horizontal air flow system which ensures dry heated air is directed across each shelf space for effective drying anywhere inside the dryer. Heated air is blown down the rear where it is then forced over the shelf spaces via a perforated rear wall.

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  • 2 Wire shelves
  • Stainless steel internal liners (easy clean surface & corrosive resistant)
  • Fibreglass insulation for energy efficiency
  • Stainless steel sheathed electric heating element
  • High capacity drying with circulating fan & flow-through ventilation
  • Digital temperature control with ±2°C temp stability
  • Digital set point controller featuring error codes
  • Monitoring port hole
  • Fresh air inlet & exhaust air outlet
  • Removable & adjustable chrome plated shelves
  • Made in Australia


Internal Dimensions: 395W x 410D x 400mmH
External Dimensions: 515W x 550D x 705mmH
Temperature Range: +10°C to 200°C