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MI-1000 Single Ceiling Mount Light

MI-1000 Single Ceiling Mount Light

Ideal for larger surgeries and larger surgery rooms, the MI-1000 surgery light offers unsurpassed longevity and flexibility in a package that’s incredibly affordable. The large diameter LED array provides exceptional shadow control – even with just a single light head. Controlling brightness within the illumination field is simple, with our 5-stage dimming (including minimally-invasive mode) control handle.

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  • 36 Long-life LEDs, rated at 50,000 hours
  • 100,000 Lux intensity @ one metre
  • Large 20cm light pattern diameter
  • High colour correction. 4300° Kelvin
  • CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 97
  • Excellent shadow reduction
  • 5-Stage dimming controlled from unique sterilisable handle
  • Low heat generation
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • High energy efficiency – half the consumption of halogen lights
  • Made in the USA
  • Also available in wall mount (model 061522)


Light Intensity: 100,000 Lux @ 1 metre
Colour Temperature: 4,300° K pure white
CRI: 97
Light Field Diameter: 124mm – 209mm
LED Life: 50,000 hours