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Single Use Angled Bayonet (Jansen) Bipolar Forcep

Single Use Angled Bayonet (Jansen) Bipolar Forcep

A new safe and cost-effective option, this angled bayonet bipolar forceps comes with a pre-attached cable and can be adapted for use with all electrosurgical units. With a feel and handling performance akin to a reusable force, this is designed for single-use and sold in boxes of 10 individually sterile packed units.

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  • No more cleaning, no more sterilising, no more fault checking, no more reinsulating or repairs, no more mismatched cables, no more wasted time!
  • TGA compliant 2-pin bipolar plugs, with adaptors available for all electrosurgical units
  • No more uncertainty. Every time you open a new sterile pack you know the forcep and cable will not fail.
  • The feel and handling performance is the same as a reusable forcep
  • Cable fits new Bovie and Vallylab Electrosurgical units or unit with 28mm Bipolar pin spacing.
  • Individually sterile packed
  • Box/10


Forcep Length: 200mm
Tip Size: 1.0mm
Tip Style: Serrated