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Snuggle Cot with Perspex Sides

Snuggle Cot with Perspex Sides

Snuggle Cots are designed to provide total psychological and physical safety for children aged one to five. The use of transparent polycarbonate sides allows easy and uninterrupted viewing for both the child and carers, preventing the child from feeling enclosed. Inside, the perfectly smooth surface is free of handholds for added safety.

The head, foot, and side panels can be lowered in just a few seconds, allowing staff to access all sides and reach the patient quickly in case of an emergency.

Thanks to clever design ensuring liquid runs to the floor, the Snuggle is easily disinfected for maintaining clinical hygiene.

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  • Electric height adjustment
  • 2-section lying surface with mattress
  • Backrest quick release system (CPR)
  • Trendelenberg & reverse trendelenberg tilt
  • Backlit hand control with cable
  • Removable head & foot panels for quick access
  • Clear vertical sliding side rails fitted with a balanced-descent system
  • Side rails have a double safety unlock system
  • Emergency battery
  • Courtesy night light
  • Smooth, moulded base with storage areas
  • Large, central locking castors


Overall Dimensions: 1625mmW x 864mmD x1572mmH
Mattress Dimensions: 1326mmW x 725mmD
Backrest: 476mmW x 725mmD
Mattress Height: 715mm – 1107mm
Backrest Incline: 0 – 70°
Trendelenburg: 12°
Reverse-Trendelenburg: 12°
Wheel Diameter: 125mm
Safe Working Load: 100kg
Power Voltage: 230V


The colours shown below are a guide only. They will differ from screen to screen.
Do not rely on a printed version of on-screen colours. If you are fussy about colour, please request a real sample.

Snuggle Blue

Snuggle Cot

Snuggle Purple

Snuggle Yellow