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System Two Duo LED Surgical Light with Monitor Arm

Model: SD2M1 Categories , Tag

System Two Duo LED Surgical Light with Monitor Arm

Model: SD2M1 Categories , Tag

The System Two Triple Mount represents the ultimate lighting flexibility in the surgery room. Various configurations are available, including three light heads, two light heads with an arm for video monitoring, and two light heads with a video camera.


Using innovative lighting technology, this product provides brighter, whiter, cooler, and more adjustable lighting than ever before. This system has the most vibrant, accurate colours with astonishing shadow control – and it emits virtually no heat. All functions of this quality USA made light can be controlled while maintaining a sterile environment.

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  • 130,000 lux output at 1 meter distance
  • Over 4,300° Kelvin color temperature, providing exceptionally cool light
  • Fully adjustable light pattern from 23-33cm
  • Five-stage light dimming via the removable sterilisable handle
  • 50,000 hour LED life
  • Virtually zero heat generation & low energy consumption
  • Ability to control all functions within the sterile field
  • Advanced suspension arm design
  • Excellent shadow control
  • Monitor arm provides options for high definition, fibre optics cabling, video source switching & compatibility with PACS.
  • Sterile monitor arm handle for adjustments within the sterile field.
  • Made in the USA


Light Intensity 130,000 Lux @ 1 metre
Colour Temperature 4,300° K pure white
Light Field Diameter 230-330mm
LED Life 50,000 hours