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Vaccine Refrigerator with Green Energy - 145 Litre

Model: VR.125 Category

Vaccine Refrigerator with Green Energy - 145 Litre

Model: VR.125 Category

Made in Denmark by the worlds most advanced manufacturer of energy efficientrefrigerators this compact range sets a new standard in vaccine storage. There are 3 important points which make these refrigerators unique.

  1. Lower running costs with ultra-low energy consumption.
  2. Environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant has a global warming potential (GWP) which is 400 times less than the HFCs found in other fridges.The sound level is 36dB which is very quiet and means there’s no disruption to others in the room.
  3. All the space inside the fridges can be used except for 4cm immediately under the inside top fan. In other vaccine fridges available on the market, the walls and bottom must be kept clear to allow air to circulate. And this applies especially to the back wall – if the vaccines are pushed to the back wall, not only does this interrupt the air flow, the vaccines will freeze. This is NOT the case with this fridge.

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  • Quality Care Pharmacy Program (QCPP) approved & exceeds requirements
  • Purpose built for vaccine storage
  • Exceptional performance on all shelves
  • Full use of internal space (except 4cm below the fan)
  • No frozen back wall and no cold spots
  • Simple to use and no setup required
  • Very easy to use digital hi/lo/reset temperature display
  • Can be built in – only a 3cm top gap is required
  • Long lasting LED lighting
  • 4 Adjustable shelves with raised base shelf
  • Lockable and self-closing, glass door
  • Optional left-hand hinge opening door on request
  • Energy consumption – only 0.7 kWh/24h
  • Extremely quiet – only 36dB
  • Audible and visual alarm
  • Voltage free external alarm contacts for BMS
  • Data logger access valve
  • Environmentally responsible refrigerant
  • Built in door alarm


Internal Dimensions: 450mmW x 450mmD x 500mmH
External Dimensions: 595mmW x 640mmD x 830mmH
Temperature Range: +3°C to +7°C
Ambient Temperature: 10°C to 32°C
Max Humidity: 60%
Capacity: 145 Litres
Number of Shelves: 4 Adjustable shelves, plus raised base
Energy consumption: 0.7 kWh/24h
Sound Level: 35 dB


Clever Logger Kit

If you’re sick of worrying about vaccine fridge logs, this kit is the solution you’ve been looking for. CleverLogger is easy to set up and use. The kit contains everything you need to monitor a fridge or freezer!