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Vaccination Equipment and COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Setup

Federal Health Minister John Hunt said in a recent press conference that Australian health professionals “will soon be delivering well over 500,000 vaccinations per week.” There are some 4,500 General practices around the nation preparing to participate in the vaccination program set to accelerate significantly later this month.

With the expected rise of attendance comes greater consideration of hygiene, storage, staffing and social distancing measures within the practice.

COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic

Is Your Clinic COVID-19 Vaccine Ready?

The various State Health Departments have prepared procedures, guidelines and advice for providers to promote safe and efficient vaccination services. Some providers may need to consider moving vaccination services to larger spaced community venues, and where necessary, implement longer immunisation sessions. .

Australian Government Department of Health Information for COVID-19 Vaccination Providers

Clinic Set up and Key Considerations


Vaccination Equipment and Medical Furniture

The team at Dalcross have been working closely with our clients to provide the added equipment, lighting and furnishings required to vaccine-ready their clinics. Below you will find some of our most requested products from vaccination providers.

“A massive thanks to the healthcare workers of Australia and the world.”

If there’s anything we can do to help you execute a smooth and comfortable service for both your patients and staff.

Moulded Polyurethane ArmCaps For Easy Cleaning

Most patient and visitor chairs are made of hospital-grade vinyl that can be kept clean when intact, but when tears or holes impact the surface, potential problems arise. Chair arms are padded to protect the patient’s skin, but the tradeoff is in resistance to wear and tear. Chair arms are usually the first part to be damaged due to impact with surrounding objects, or heavy use. When the vinyl or fabric of a chair has become compromised, it cannot be cleaned to proper infection control standards. For this reason, Dalcross offers chairs, sofas, and recliners that have polyurethane arm caps which makes them durable and longer-lasting, as well as easy to clean and hygienic.

Model 1288

The trendelenburg tilt position is easily achieved making this chair ideal for blood collection or vaccination where the patient may faint and need to be laid down to recover.

Model 1360

New & improved design – now with fire retardant, block-out curtains!

Model 1380

Model 1451

Model 1467A

Model 1585.2

Mobile PPE stands perfect for quick and easy access to hygiene consumables. Store gloves, face masks, gowns, goggles, hand sanitizer on one mobile stand.

For over 40 years Dalcross Medical Equipment have been dedicated to helping healthcare providers improve patient care, comfort, staff satisfaction and facility appeal. We are an Australian manufacturer and importer of medical furniture, lighting, and medical equipment. Time to upgrade tired furniture or fit out a new modern space?